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Gum disease can do more than give you chronic bad breath and gums that bleed easily. Without proper treatment from a dentist like Dr. Novan Nguyen and Dr. Katerina Koleva, the advanced form of gum disease, which is known as periodontitis can lead to significant oral health complications.

As time goes on your gumline can start to recede causing small pockets of infected material to accumulate near the roots of your teeth. In time this can deplete the healthy bone structure in your mouth and lead to the loss of multiple teeth. Even the teeth that remain could be extremely vulnerable to future problems.

In many of these cases, there isn’t sufficient bone structure remaining to replace your compromised teeth with dental implant restorations. For many patients who are experiencing the process of terminal dentition, our dentist might recommend extracting whatever remains of your existing teeth. This is often the first step in the process of providing you with a complete denture.

After the necessary extractions, your gums will be sutured you will likely provide you with a prescription for pain medications. If there are any infection concerns our dentist might also include a prescription course of antibiotics.

Your new denture will closely match the unique shape of your gums. However, you might still want to apply a small amount of denture adhesive when you install it each morning. This can help to lock the denture in place while also blocking out stray food particles.

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