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Poor oral hygiene habits can cause multiple cavities to develop on neighboring teeth. If you put off having these teeth examined and treated at Dr. Novan Nguyen’s dental office the tooth decay will continue to spread. In time, this could lead to the loss of multiple teeth in one area of your mouth.

To treat a mouth in this condition Dr. Novan Nguyen might recommend extracting the remnants of the teeth. This will help to gradually ease the pain and prevent further infection from developing in your gums.

When you’re ready Dr. Novan Nguyen can present you with the various dental restorations available at his clinic.

A pair of dental implants inserted in your bone structure can provide sufficient structure to anchor a dental bridge. However, this takes time and might call for more than one oral surgery.

If you are uncomfortable with the dental implant process, Dr. Novan Nguyen might recommend fitting you for a custom partial denture. This is a removable dental appliance that acts like an abbreviated form of a complete denture. It will be designed in a professional dental lab to fully replicate the presence, function, and appearance of your original teeth.

It will be designed to fit tightly with the surrounding structure or your teeth and gums. A little denture adhesive will also help lock the partial dental in place while also helping to prevent food particles from infiltrating the space between the partial dental and your gums.

If you live in the Sacramento, California, area and you have lost multiple teeth to untreated cavities, you should call 916-422-3991 to schedule an appointment at Novan Dental.