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There are some rare and unfortunate instances when a tooth is so severely damaged by oral trauma or untreated tooth decay that it simply cannot be treated by a root canal. In a severe case like this Dr. Novan Nguyen might advocate extracting whatever remains of the tooth to prepare the area for restoration with a dental bridge.

This form of restorative dentistry is designed to replace the missing tooth with one single piece of dental work. It will eventually be anchored onto a pair of abutments created from the core of the two neighboring teeth.

The treatment starts with Dr. Novan Nguyen removing the tooth enamel from the two neighboring teeth leaving behind two small pillars of healthy dentin. A detailed impression will then be created of the area and the related teeth in your bite pattern. This will be sent to a special dental lab where skilled technicians will create your dental bridge.

You will need to return to Dr. Novan Nguyen’s dental office when your dental bridge is ready. During this brief appointment, Dr. Novan Nguyen will cement the dental bridge onto the abutments to fully restore the function of your mouth.

If you live in the Sacramento, California, area and you have a severely compromised or traumatized tooth, you should call 916-422-3991 to seek treatment with Dr. Novan Nguyen.