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One of the key foundations of an effective oral health care regimen includes making sure you are assess the potential risks and benefits of your diet. Oral health care often begins with the food that you’re putting into your mouth. It is important to understand what food can cause your smile damage and which foods can be used to strengthen your mouth. The more you monitor the unhealthy or healthy foods you’re eating, the better chance your smile stands at thriving in the future.

Your smile depends on making the right decisions in terms of your oral health care. As an important part of your oral health care, your diet needs to be monitored. Several substances you may be eating on a daily basis, including sugars and carbohydrates, can easily start to wear away your tooth enamel.

Along with avoiding unhealthy foods, try eating products that can actually help to strengthen your tooth enamel. Several foods have been shown to help strengthen and remineralize your tooth enamel, such as those that contain calcium and phosphorus. Because these minerals are so effective for your diet, you should always try to include foods that contain them in every meal. This can include cheeses, nuts, milk, and chicken. By eating a diet that is high in calcium and phosphorus, you give your smile a better chance of success.

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