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Regular dental care and healthy teeth are not often on travelers’ minds. But while packing your phone cord and a comfortable pair of shoes is a good idea on any trip, remembering to take care of your teeth and gums is just as important. (And it’s probably more important in the long run.)

When you are flying or driving for long hours, it can be hard to find time to brush and floss, but don’t put it off. Take breaks at road rest stops or airport bathrooms to stop and properly clean your teeth. Foregoing these habits for long periods of time can increase plaque buildup and your chances of a cavity.

Often a big part of traveling is the new food you get to try. However, too many sugar-filled foods are a roadblock on the road to dental health. Opt for greens instead, packing or choosing fruits and vegetables to snack on instead.

Listen to Dr. Novan Nguyen’s advice and put dental hygiene and care on your travel itinerary. Our dentist in Sacramento, California, can answer questions you may have about dental care while traveling. We invite you to come to Novan Dental and schedule an appointment with our dental team at 916-422-3991.