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If you are having any issues with cleaning between your teeth, it could be due to the products that you are using. Because these products are essential to cleaning between your teeth on a daily basis, it is important to make sure you are using the right ones. Depending on your oral health needs, there are several options available to you for cleaning between your teeth.

One of the most effective options for cleaning between your teeth is dental floss. To avoid contamination, never use the same strand of a dental floss more than once. It is also important to make sure you never use the same section of a strand between more than one tooth.

In addition to using dental floss, you might want to try using an alternative cleaner such as a water flosser to reach the areas between your teeth. Water flossers use a pulse of water to clean the areas between your teeth. They’re often considered easier to operate and more beneficial to individuals with joint discomfort and muscle weakness.

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