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Clenching and grinding your teeth while sleeping is often related to chronic stress. In some cases it might be attributed to an undiagnosed respiratory allergy. While this problem may not seem serious; it’s important to keep in mind that the excessive force and pressure from clenching and grinding your teeth can potentially lead to some serious oral health problems. These problems could include lost enamel and fractured teeth. Once a tooth’s enamel layer has been damaged, the dental fracture could start to accumulate bacterial deposits. In time this could cause a severe cavity to develop.

As time goes on, unaddressed night grinding can contribute to muscular tension and  inflammation in your jaw joints, also known as the temporomandibular joints. You could  increase your chances of suffering the pain, discomfort, and dysfunction of TMJ disorder.

In some of these cases, wearing a simple night guard in your mouth when you sleep can help protect your teeth, and minimize the effect on your temporomandibular joints. This is a simple removable mouthpiece that is made from a special dental material. The night guard it will cushion your teeth. The night guard will protect your tooth enamel from fractures and minimize the muscular tension on your temporomandibular joints.

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