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Are you interested in brightening the appearance of your smile with teeth whitening? We invite you to learn more about your teeth whitening options by speaking with our experienced and friendly dentists about the treatments that are most ideal for your smile goals and meet your personal preferences. We encourage you to follow a few guidelines to protect your smile during teeth whitening treatment and enjoy optimal results.

There are two main choices for a teeth whitening agent, and these are mild chemical materials that lighten surface stains and peroxide solutions to remove the appearance of deep stains. The products recommended by our dentist for safety and efficacy will depend on the type of discoloration and dental stains that are affecting your smile. Potential teeth whitening procedures include:

– Routine professional teeth cleanings, which include a tooth polishing
– Whitening products purchased over the counter at a store or online, which should be approved by your dentist prior to use
– In-office teeth whitening treatment performed by our experienced dental team

If you choose to use an over-the-counter product, we encourage you to refer to the dentist for recommendations to help you avoid products that can result in oral discomfort such as tooth sensitivity, gum bleaching or gum irritation as a result of using a poor product or using it incorrectly. Please contact the dental office if you experience any discomfort after applying whitening treatment.

We invite you to contact Novan Dental at 916-422-3991 today if you would like to speak with Drs. Nguyen, Chu, and Koleva about your options or learn more about professional teeth whitening in Sacramento, California. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile!